What is followfish?

Followfish is not a brand but a movement; a movement that stands for transparency, sustainability and real taste; a movement that is synonymous with a different world of food, where the suppliers are lent a face again; a world where resources are not wasted but saved and handled holistically and sustainably; a world where we live from returns again instead of the substance. 
In concrete terms, followfish stands for sustainably caught or bred fish products of highest quality. These are offered either in their natural, unprocessed form (followfish natural fillets), refined with delicious organic ingredients (followfish natural filled + organic) or as tinned products (followfish tin). 
Under the motto “Follow the real taste”, the customers are provided the opportunity to trace every product offered back to the water by means of a tracking code. Followfish is undoubtedly the first brand/movement worldwide that completely discloses all suppliers and supply channels, thus building a bridge between the fishermen and the consumers.