M501: MSC canned tuna “natural” 185g
(Katsuwonus pelamis)

Followfish real bonito tuna comes from one of the probably most sustainable tuna fisheries known: the pole & line fishery in the Maldives. Tuna have been caught here individually using a (bamboo) fishpole for as many as 900 years. 

Fishing method 

Pole & line fishing is one of the most sustainable and most selective fishing methods known. Greenpeace also expressly recommends buying fish (tuna) that have been caught using this method. 
Small boats with a crew of about ten search for shoals according to the old method (they look out for bird flocks that go hunting together with tuna) and catch them using fishpoles as soon as a shoal is detected. 
Pole & line fishing forms a sharp contrast to industrial fishing that destroys the environment. In 2010, followfish initiated a “Naturland project”; the corresponding certification for fishery according to the Naturland Wildfish Standard is expected for early 2012. 
Click here for more details on fishery (extensive information in English provided by Greenpeace): http://www.greenpeace.de/fileadmin/gpd/user_upload/themen/meere/Pole_and_Line_Case_study_PACIFIC_2009.pdf