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From illegal fishing to overfishing – together we’ll get to bottom of it.

No fish

should be illegal!

Ca. 116 million tons of fish are caught worldwide. Each year. Up to 26 million tons illegally. One of the main reasons for overfishing.

Despite strict EU regulation, the WWF estimates that around 500.000 tons of illegally caught fish make their way onto european plates annually. This has disastrous consequences: not only are fish stocks and the degree of overfishing barely traceable, local populations that are dependent on legal fisheries are existentially threatened.

Poor outlook

under water.

If we do nothing against overfishing the oceans will be virtually empty in 32 years, according to a study from 2006.

Today you have to already put 17 times the effort into catching the same amount of fish compared to people in the 19th century. The sheer size of the oceans makes them difficult to control. Often fish are caught without fishing authorization, during off-times or in protected areas. In other words: illegal.

The right direction?

Against the tide!

Certified fishing and organic aquaculture - our means for sustainable fishing.

To ensure the preservation of the maritime ecosystem, followfish has made some bold decisions right from the start. Sea fish must be caught according to MSC standards (Marine Stewardship Council) and farmed fish can only be sourced from organic aquacultures. This helps ensure that no illegally caught fish make their way onto the plates of our customers. Additionally these standards also ensure that certain types and amounts of fish are caught no more than necessary.

Not only a brand,

but a movement.

followfish stands for sustainability, transparency and a different approach to mother natures resources. We call it the followfish principle.

We are a movement which is synonymous with a different food world. A world in which producers have an identity again. A world where resources are conserved, not wasted. Specifically, we stand for sustainably caught or farmed fish products of the highest quality. We provide our customers with the ability to trace each of our products directly back into the sea with the help of a tracking code.

By the way:

No surfers or fish were harmed in the making of this film.

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